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Cub Cadet GT 2554 Heavy Duty 54 inch 2009 low hours nice shape

Submitted by on April 26, 2013 – 8:30 am

We find the most interesting Cub Cadet Tractors For Sale. Here is the best deal we found for the Cub Cadet GT 2554 Heavy Duty 54 inch 2009 low hours nice shape for sale on the Internet.

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Cub Cadet GT 2554 Heavy Duty 54 inch 2009 low hours nice shape Picture and Description:

 358651308958624340 Cub Cadet GT 2554 Heavy Duty 54 inch 2009 low hours nice shape

Up for auction is a 2009 Cub Cadet GT 2554 with a 54 inch 'Cyclo Cut' deck, 23hp Kohler Command engine, seat armrests and cruise control, with just under 150 original hours in pretty nice shape overall. Let me tell you about this garden tractor... I purchased this machine in March of 2009 for about $4600 including tax from an area dealer (Massey Ferguson, Case IH, Cub Cadet, Gehl, Troybilt and several other mfrs), having purchased there before, and trading in a Cub Cadet standard ride-on with a 42" deck. Everything was fine, the mower did everything it should, I live in the country and have plenty of 'country lawn', between 3 and 4 acres altogether. I would say every season I nick a rock or two, get the sledgehammer and break up the rock, cut and pull out tree roots that stick up just a sixteenth of an inch higher this year than last year. What I'm getting at is this mower has definitely been used, but truly not abused, oil and filters changed two or three times since new, I'm almost positive I bought new blades for the machine not last year but the one before. Went under an apple tree branch hanging lower than I thought in the back yard and put a hole at the top of the seat as shown in one of the pictures, been under it thousands of times over the decades, this time was obviously 2 or 3 inches too close in. So, mid July of last year (2012), I'm out mowing, mower starts acting funny going up a slight grade, very slight, gets worse over about ten minutes, then the machine will not move at all. Tow it back to the garage with another machine, bring it to my mechanic--the hydro pump is shot, with 149 hours on it! One can imagine how I reacted to that, and without any additional thought, I went out and got myself a Kubota BX2660, having two other Kubotas, a ride-on mower that's 24 years old, and a tractor that's 34 years old. After I went hemming and hawing about it over the winter, my mechanic (it was at his shop the whole time, indoors) mentioned a dealer who often had singular parts available for purchase, as opposed to entire assemblies at twice the price. I purchased a new, never mounted, never in service hydro pump for $500, my mechanic put it in, the tractor is back in business. I also purchased oil filter, fuel filter, hydro filter, a gallon and a half of hydro fluid at $47 a gallon and $11 a quart, battery, and headlight bulbs-one was burned out so I just changed them both. Like an idiot I broke one of the retainer clips (those things are kind of flimsy anyway) that hold the headlight assembly in, so it is in place with electrical tape, both lights work fine. Everything else is original, sheet metal, hood, rims, etc, all of these are original, I do try to take care of my equipment, but of course this one has all the scuffs, scratches, scrapes and such that a machine would after three and a half seasons of use. I washed, waxed and polished her up for sale, to try and represent the fairly good overall condition. As for the hydro pump, my mechanic is convinced the first one was a lemon pump right from the factory, the dealer I bought the replacement pump from was flabbergasted that the pump went after 149 hours. He said one of his customers mowed an entire cemetery with the exact same model as mine, 900 hours a season for four or five seasons in a row, and is still on the original pump on that machine. So, go figure, I do have faith in this machine, because nothing else really big went wrong with it. I had trouble with the deck lift (first season), took it to the dealer I bought it, they fixed it, been fine ever since. It leaked oil from the spring loaded oil drain plug, the dealer changed it to just a steel pipe length with a threaded steel cap, no more oil leak. I have to say, am sorry to say, the Cub Cadet line of equipment isn't what it used to be, but this one has done the best she could with the design(s) and workmanship she got, if you know what I mean:) All that being said, this tractor is being offered *AS IS*, NO warranties expressed or implied are offered, or should be inferred. I will not ship this machine, the winning bidder needs to come and pick it up. I am in Franklin NY, 13775, interested bidders should consult their online mapping search engine or GPS and decide if it's worth the trip:P The reserve is only set to try and get back what I had to pay for the hydro repair and seasonal maintenance, right around $800. Interested bidders are encouraged to ask any questions or request additional pictures. PLEASE NOTE: this auction is for United States bidders only—no offense intended to international Ebayers, but shipping out of this country has become too much of an expensive hassle. Bids placed by those outside of the US WILL BE CANCELLED, Thank You. Also-please read the ENTIRE item description before bidding, so that any possible confusion or misunderstanding(s) can be minimized. Winning bidder is to provide downpayment of 10% via PayPal at auction end (just for me to pay Ebay's final value fee asap), remaining balance can be paid in person at time of pickup in cash, thanks for looking and Good Luck! Normal 0 0 1 90 518 4 1 636 11.1539 0 0 0

 358651308958624341 Cub Cadet GT 2554 Heavy Duty 54 inch 2009 low hours nice shape
 358651308958624342 Cub Cadet GT 2554 Heavy Duty 54 inch 2009 low hours nice shape
 358651308958624343 Cub Cadet GT 2554 Heavy Duty 54 inch 2009 low hours nice shape